:: AVSA PRO-Voice Stress Analysis Systems for law enforcement :: :: AVSA PRO-Voice Stress Analysis Systems for law enforcement :: :: AVSA PRO-Voice Stress Analysis Systems for law enforcement :: :: AVSA PRO-Voice Stress Analysis Systems for law enforcement :: :: AVSA PRO-Voice Stress Analysis Systems for law enforcement ::
:: AVSA PRO ::
::AVSA PRO :: :: AVSA PRO ::
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Features listed below are for AVSAPRO Versions 17, 21, 100 & GLOBAL
:: AVSA PRO Minimum requirements ::
:: AVSA PRO Fundamentals ::
  • Installs in all MS Win versions
  • Fully Integrated with all MS o/s
  • Multiple print functions
  • Auto Tabbing of CQ & RQ
  • Auto Rotation of RQ's
  • Auto Chart Scoring  17,20,100
  • Auto Exam Score   17, 20,  100
  • Ver 100 is fully Auto
  • Ver 17-21: Manual or Auto
  • Known-Solution database
  • Unlimited filing & Report options
  • Built-In Question Libraries Ver 100 and Ver Global
  • Question 'undo' facility
  • Chart 'undo' facility
  • Cadence controlled question display
  • Cadence control for Answer capture
  • Auto Gain sound control
  • Examiner score query facility
  • Unlimited protocol construction
  • AVSAPRO identifies DI/NDI Trends
  • Auto analyse narrative screening
  • Data may be manually scored
  • Created by VP Experts over 25 yrs
  • Multiple Install. AVSAPRO runs on iKey.
  • 11" min laptop screen
  • 17" Screen required for Dualtech (BFpoly +Avsapro)
  • i3 GHZ processor with 4GIG RAM / i5 /16GIG / i7 for Dualtech testing
  • 4 GIG USB memory stick
  • RCA jackplug analog mic. Uni Directional or USB analog headset mic (brand Canyon)
  • Set headphones to suit Laptop

*** Plus Features ***

  • Examiner may run email & internet whilst conducting DOD testing
  • Use same laptop for all other Bus apps, including report writing.
  • Sample Report Templates Included
  • Sample Question Protocols Included
  • Examiner may build own protocols for Auto Scoring or Manual Scoring.
  • Text-To-Speech Ver Global
  • Run BF polygraph and Avsapro tests same time in real time on same PC, using mouse control.
  • AVSAPRO records in wav format up to 11,025 Hz / 8 Bits
  • Incoming signals are filtered by retaining low frequencies.
  • AVSAPRO database contains the expertise of several analysts.
  • AVSAPRO analyses new voice wavs within a specified error rate of 1%
  • AVSAPRO is free of the assumption that readings of <8Hz = Stress.
  • AVSAPRO does not utilise any outdated, complicated, inexplicable mathematical algorithms. AVSAPRO autoscore is based on the expertise of known-solution analysis spanning over 25 yrs.
  • AVSAPRO is not LVA. There is no random assignment of Stress Values.
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AVSA PRO Youtube Demo

Note how AVSAPRO controls timing From Question to Answer to contend with the Onset Delay of 'FOF' responses.

AVSAPRO prevents 'bleeding', super dampening or Delayed Stress Response by time controlling display of Questions following subject response.

Any Question may be Reset (cancelled and re-asked) with proper, numerical sequence of questions being maintained.



We ran George Zimmerman's 2012 statement through AVSAPRO 1.7, which specifically analyses narrative, recording stress in the individual's voice

John Kerry outline US Russia agreement

John Kerry's Syria statement analysed by AVSAPRO

John Kerry: U.N. report on Syria - run through AVSAPRO 1.7